Connecting the dots of family life

  • 1. Design Task

    As a mid-term project of the Prototyping class, the task is to design an application for family communication. My project outcome is called Pearl, which runs on both touch-based tablet end and mobile end.

    Pearl will serve as a home communication center for family members to simplify, streamline, and improve scheduling and messaging. It also incorporates journal-like sharing and memory-keeping features to record the precious moments of family life. It takes advantages of the social networks family members may already have as well as the on-the-go nature of mobile technology.

  • 2. Finding Metaphors

    The look and feel of Pearl play an important role in the product. So, how do people communicate without an electronic device at home? Using Pinterest , I find that blackboard and pin board are common tools families use to display and share messages. Also, sketches or doodles give a homey feeling to this communication center. Inspired by these findings, the metaphors of blackboard and photo string are used.

  • 3. Design Iterations: Low Fidelity

    The design went through 3 iterations, at the first stage, paper sketch and a low fidelity prototype were created, and 2 users were invited for informal walk-through. *Tip: Hover to see the iteration.

    Homepage Iterations

    Create Message Iterations

  • 3. Design Iterations: High Fidelity

    High fidelity prototyping also went through an iteration after a formal usability test, during which 4 users carried out tasks with a real iPad to emulate the real usage scenario. *Tip: Hover to see the final design.

    Homepage Iterations

    Review Message Iterations

  • 4. Interactive Prototype Demo

  • 5. About

    Prototyping Class Midterm Project

    Concept, Interaction, Visual Design: Li He

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