Connecting Family Members through Urban Gardening


As our everyday family life becomes more and more pervaded with various digital systems and technology intervention, how could we create an experience that will help people regain the awareness and appreciation for their home space, as well as support the intimate interaction between family members?

Pervasive Technology

With this app, we want to leverage social computing for our domestic experience, but not to create another “cyber cocoon” in the home.

Urban gardening

We came to the idea of encouraging urban gardening, which can be easily practiced at home with a rather low cost, and involves gathering family members to reconnect to nature.


Inspired by how people become engaged and motivated to play Farmville, we had the idea of creating a virtual garden that map to the user’s real garden.


Seed Diary has targeted on individual casual growers, urban farmers and health-conscious foodies. We then began our design research. We visited two family urban gardens and two community gardens, and had casual interviews with the owners on site. We also looked at some online urban gardening forums and analyzed the content people post. A short online questionnaire was sent to acquire demographic information of the potential users. Last but not least, secondary research on competitive products was conducted.


Based on our preliminary understanding of the design context, we developed a design framework of Seed Diary, and then use Sequence Model and Relationship Model to clarify the flow and information entities in the system. Lastly, we developed the concrete Information Architecture of Seed Diary.





Low-fidelity Prototype

Final Design

  • Step1: Create a Virtual Representation of the Garden

  • Step2: Record & Keep Track of Growing Activities

  • Step3: Explore People, Community & Urban Farms

  • Step4: Knowledge & Collaborative Events Sharing

Exhibition Experience Design for IxD 13

We were accepted to the Idea Market session of Interaction 13, and we proposed a conceptual design for the exhibition experience.


Design Team

Concept: Jo Lam, Li He;
Visual& Animation Design: Jo Lam
Interaction Design: Li He;

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