Manage and Discover Pins to Shop


Mobile Shopping...

has been growing rapidly over the year, driven by the popularity of tablet PC. The revenue share from mobile shoppers more than doubling in 2011.

is driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers’ websites , an implication that users are using it to search and discover things to shop

Finding shoppable pins are not easy...

Though the site provides a “gift” section, only pins attached with a price tag would appear there. But a study reveals that brand followers were far less likely to repin images with price tags for fear of being considered as promoting ads.

In this context, Shoppin ...

aims to provide an experience to facilitate social discover of pins that can be shopped.

User Experience Goals


upport Pinterest users interested in using the site for online shopping


elp users manage their shopping tasks more privately and efficiently


rovide an immerse product exploring experience on the tablet


1.Import Pins

ShopPin automatically filters and imports a user's purchasable pins from her Pinterst account.

Pins will be classified into 8 standard product categories according to their meta-data.

2.Browse Pin Cart

Besides browsing by categories, user can also browse pins by their source websites. This is to facilitate the situation when the user have decided to shop on a specific site.

Users can go to the source site of the pin and make their purchase

3.Explore Pins

The system will filter purchasable pins (with/out of price tags) for the user, including popular pins on Pinterest and pins from official brand accounts the user follows.

User can review details of a purchasable pin, including product info and its social buzz.

4.Compare Pins

Users can compare up to 4 pins in the same product category to help make shopping decision.

5.Shopping List

The shopping list feature serves as a temporary pin board that is private and focuses on a certain shopping task, e.g., collecting candidate pins for a birthday gift. It is a short-term collection versus a pin board as a permanent or long-term curation, and is completely personal.


Technical Concerns

ShopPin will make use of Pinterest’s APIs (not yet released but said to be on the way).

Using a white-list mechanism, that is, creating a directory that lists e-commerce website, ShopPin can automatically detect which of the users’ pins are actually purchasable online, and then import them into her repository.

ShopPin will do the same to other pins and filter some popular pin for the user, regardless if there is a price tag or not. Price information and product category information can also be pulled in automatically.




Concept, Interaction, Visual Design by Li He